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Welcome to a site!
We carry out the following services: marketing researches, business - planning, anti-recessionary marketing, sociological researches, trainings.
Long-term experience and rich base of researches does(makes) us successful in the region. There are ready researches on our site for sale.
Our advantages
  • We are engaged in marketing, researches of the market, promotion of the goods and firms, stimulation of selling of 6 years, all this time we purposefully accumulated technologies, techniques of research, the analytical information, formed the databases, reflecting specificity of city and region;
  • We investigate high technologies of marketing and experience of the Russian and foreign enterprises that allows to render the qualified help to the clients;
  • Data gathering for researches will be carried out(spent) by group of the prepared interviewers which are trained and pass detailed instructing before each research;
  • In our collective experts with scientific degrees work in the field of economy and sociology, with an operational experience in the field of marketing;
  • We are engaged in sociological researches more than 20 years, we have in staff(state) of professional sociologists that allows to provide high quality of drawing up of programs and toolkit;
  • The strict control of data gathering is carried out. Drawing up of questionnaires, questionnaires is checked by the professional psychologist;
  • We have experience of cooperation with a number(line) of the research organizations from cities of Moscows, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Samara, Saratov, Ulyanovsk
Geography of scope
We spend researches in all cities of Tatarstan and region Zakam'ja, and also in Приволжском Federal District:
- Republic Bashkortostan;
- Republic Tatarstan;
- Republic Udmurtiya;
- Republic Chuvashia;
- The Nizhniy Novgorod area;
- The Samara area;
- The Saratov area etc.
We have a partner network from 63 centres in various regions of the Russian Federation.
Mashkova Elena Vladimirovna - the director, the candidate of economic sciences, the sociologist, the professor of faculty of management of Institute of management of Naberezhnye Chelny.
Within the framework of activity КамЦСБТ "Development" has carried out a management(manual) more than 50 marketing researches under the analysis of preferences of consumers, segmentation of the market, to positioning of the goods or services, development of marketing strategy of the enterprises.
The Technique and engineering of sociological researches » teaches rates « Marketing researches » and «.
The author more than 40 research projects on problems of city and region, in 2007 the most significant - « Revival of charity in Прикамье: the attitude(relation) of the population to charities » and « Children and money: whether we shall give birth? (the attitude(relation) of the population to the law about « the parent capital ")". Has published more than 30 scientific works, the author of the monography « Influence of market attitudes(relations) in sphere of work on employment of women in monoindustrial city », the editor of some collections. Knows English.
Photo of employees of firm
Photo of employees of firm

The first session of our club was held January, 23, 2009 at support of Fund of small business of Naberezhnye Chelny (managing company " business - incubator ") and ММЦ "Naberezhnye Chelny" (АНО Кам ЦСТ "Development"). This date can be counted date of the basis of club.

The club маркетологов is informal professional community of people of various fields of activity: business, a science, formation(education).

The realized projects

- « Monitoring of macaroni products » under the order of the company « Глобал Consulting », November 2008
- Interrogation « Preferences of consumers of flour products (cookies « Яшкино ")" under the order of the company « Business Analytics », October 2008
- « Measurement of demand and consumer preferences in the market малоэтажной the real estate of. Елабуги and Naberezhnye Chelny » under the order of the company « Ак Leopard Девелопмент », July - August 2008
- « Definition of a potential market capacity of lorries - foreign cars in 2008-2009 years » under the order of company MIB, July 2008
- The hall - test under the project « Depilation of hair at women CAWI » under the order of Open Company « Agency of marketing technologies and consulting "Prospect", July 2008
- Target groups of influence of radio station « Europe Plus Naberezhnye Chelny » under the order of holding " unity ", April 2008
- « Preferences of buyers in the market of automobile spare parts » under the order of group of companies " АВТО-49 ", March 2008
- Deep interviews under the project « the Estimation of a potential demand for the country real estate in Laishevskom area RT » under the order of the company « Гранд City », March 2008
- « Preferences of consumers of bank services in Naberezhnye Chelny under the order of Joint-Stock Company GKB " Автоградбанк ", February 2008
- Monitoring sausage products (ритейл-audit of 80 shops) » under the order of company " region - m ", February - November 2008
- « Monitoring of dairy production (ритейл audit of 100 shops) » under the order of the company « Вимм Bill Данн - Ufa », January - December 2008
- Ценовый monitoring on автобетоносмесительную and бетононасосную engineering under the order of company " Глававтотех ", January - July 2008
- The analysis of preferences of consumers of the petroleum PRODUCTS in cities of Elabuga, Nizhnekamsk, Заинск, Бугульма under the order of company " Автодорстрой ", December 2007
- The analysis of preferences of consumers горючесмазочных materials in Naberezhnye Chelny (focuses - groups and mass interrogation) under the order of company " Автодорстрой ", November - December 2007
- Interrogation of preferences of consumers in the market of habitation under the order of the company of Citys - groups, October 2007
- " The Analysis of a trading zone and its(her) characteristics " under the order of Open Company " Ермак Девелопмент ", September 2007
- " Common knowledge of a trade mark for Роспатента " under the order of the company " Essen продакшн АГ ", August - September 2007 - the Project " Business mission - 2007 "
- Telemarketing (more than 1500 respondents) and presentation marketing (more than 200 presentations) in partnership with ММЦ "Moscow", July - August 2007
- Revealing preferences of clients concerning hypothecary credits and banks - creditors a method of focuses - groups (ГКБ "Автоградбанк"), July 2007
- Interrogation of preferences of consumers of autospare parts under the order of group of companies " Авто-49 ", June 2007
- The analysis of positioning of the Trading - service Centre at various groups of consumers, for Open Company TSTS " Элекам ", May - June 2007
- Studying consumer preferences in the market of habitation г.г. Naberezhnye Chelny and Almetyevsk, for the company « the Magnolia - With », May 2007
- The analysis of the attitude(relation) of various groups of the population to charities, May 2007
- Interrogation of consumers of services of the Network of фитнес-clubs " FitLand ", July 2006
- The attitude(relation) of consumers to manufacturers of spare parts to cars, 2006
- Development of strategy of development of management on capital development РИАТ, 2005
- The analysis of the pharmacological market of Naberezhnye Chelny for Open Company " Нурлен + ", 2005
- Realization of focuses - groups on advertising contraceptive means, 2005
- Trainings on skills of the communications and philosophy of sales for enterprise RIVOLI in structure RIAT, 2004
- Complex research on trade marks of Open Society KAMAZ, 2004
- Research of a level побудительности and emotional influence of an advertising roller of winter trunks KAMA for cars for the Trading House KAMA, 2004
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